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Singer Made An Island Resort Nobody Wanted At First

Mr. Singer built a resort on an Island. He thought it was a great idea. He offered to his wife as a present. She didn’t want it so then he gave it to his mistress or was it the other way around? Anyway she didn’t want it either. Nobody wanted that historically significant but presently noxious little sliver of barrier island off the east coast of Florida. It really seems like nothing but a backwater. Sometime later Singer’s son added a Hilton hotel. That seemed to pick up interest and more people started heading to this place as a resort instead of as a place where ships ran aground and broke apart centuries earlier. What was the matter with the captains of those Spanish ships and English merchant ships etc. back in the 16th and 17th centuries? Didn’t they have access to weather forecasts? Didn’t they know how to use GPS? Couldn’t they at least make a cell phone call to the authorities when they got close enough to shore to be in cell range? Evidently not. There’s no record. Not one attempt to make a call to shore over 400 years of naval or marine merchant history. That would be pretty tough because there would be no cell phone coverage until about eight lifetimes later. Even the wealthy Singer family didn’t have a cell phone coverage. The man could travel from Zephyr Hills to Albuquerque real fast or real slow and he would not get one single cell phone signal anywhere. The big technological advancement was his own – the sewing machine or at least one of its iterations.

The entire Upstart Singer Island real estate resort project with two hotels and a golf course in between them was estimated to cost a staggering $4 million. You can buy a pretty decent penthouse condo for that price now. Not the building. One condo.

Now you can shop for them all with prices going all the way up to $8.9 million right here: Singer Island luxury condos in FL

Here’s what they look like in the rearview mirror.

Singer Island condos with a view of the water

Singer Island condos with a view of the water

Real Estate Marketing In The Tropics

The Assisted Home and Health Solution

Sometimes you just need some assistance in living when challenges present themselves from age to Alzheimers. Senior living always brings challenge. Facilitating those challenges in the right location can be key to successful assistance with living with senior needs in The River City. The staff makes alliances with families and residents toward a better experience for everyone.

best Assisted living facility in Texas

SEO branding and marketing ideas for real estate

Found This To Be Convincing

I focus for days to come up with some ideas. Others are spontaneous. Whatever I’m working on, I strive to have a breakthrough. By focusing in I can have a pretty happy result as a breakthrough.

Narrow your activities and focus on objectives.

SEO efficiency

What if you’re looking for a combination of expertise and evidence at the same time? That’s increased mass. Increased reaction in the form of leads.

This is where the rubber hits the road.

Get identified expertise in SEO for Realtors. That will get you visibility even in markets like the Woodlands Realtors competing for visibility.

Narrow down topics and your service area. All this stuff, what do I learn? Focus on a few things first that have the most broad and profitable application. This played a role in forming several successful ventures.

In Some Cases It’s A Legal Matter But Not A Moral One

Citing the legality of immigration to the United States, there is the argument that being against illegal immigration finally fails for almost everyone. The objection then becomes undefinable.

The only solution is to narrow down and cross off dead ends.

Here is Penguin rebound and recovery strategy to come.

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Old Florida Community

At the Old Palm Golf Club community you will be surprised by the sprawling 654 acres with hundreds of luxury homes. Each home has a concierge service to make your stay even more memorable. It is the perfect place for anyone who appreciates the quiet serenity the owners Clarion Partners brought to the Jupiter Golf Course community.

Old Palm Golf Club Real Estate Palm Beach Gardens Florida YouTube

If you are one who loves activity, the Lost Tree Village is the place you should call home. This area provides luxury condos and homes for sale. If you choose to live at this village there is an exclusive golf resort, tennis and beach club but the good thing about this side of Jupiter Florida is that membership to any club is voluntary.

Move here and you might just be in time for the 23rd annual art fest by the sea. Cool breezes and art lovers like you people make the event something to look forward to each year. This annual event attracts residents and visitors alike, making Jupiter Florida the place to be in spring.

The Art Fest is only some of what Jupiter has to offer. You can attend the adult migratory bird culture lecture if you are curious about avian behavior. It is also an exciting way to learn facts about birds for the person looking to have some rare fun. The Polo Season is a great cultural event that attracts competitors and fun lovers of the Palm Beach Gardens communities


One Hour Show

I’ve been watching Andy Kaufman footage on YouTube. The whole crowd loved it but tonight everyone was booing and hissing. Those people were so rude, he said. They were just so rude. You have a hard time reading Andy even thirty plus years later. Was he serious? Was he pulling a gag on you even as he was being interviewed? The videos carry history to a new generation.

Any way he said he was very tired and not in any mood to fool around and then he went into character as The Foreign Man. He said he loved Pips. Anyway, now video is often used for commercial promotion. Who would have thought in 2006 that YouTube would become a semi pro or even professional venue?

If you need clams, go to Joe’s Clam Bar but if you need your roof fixed get Tucson Roofing. A professional roof contractor. Experts in Monsoon damage prevention and cure.

When this all gets old or when you get older, if you’re fortunate enough to be in San Antonio, you can get assisted living in San Antonio. Premium senior assisted living at its best is in the Franklin Park communities. All of them. For now, I have to make my own music. When I’m a senior, I’ll listen to someone else make music. Anyone who was middle aged in the 70s certainly knows now what aging and senior citizen status is about. Those who were alive but younger will soon understand.

Thank you very much. When there is a wrong to right, Mighty Mouse will join the fight. How old do you have to be to remember that? It was old stuff when I was little. That’s for sure. The danged Internet brings back everything that might have been forgotten and left to vapid entertainment of the 40s.

Well, since we’re rambling on this One Hour Show post, I’ll mention that you can get your car fixed here in this Anaheim car repair shop. He went on Letterman and begged for money. Panhandled right there on the stage. And people gave him money. It was amazing. You never knew if he was serious or half serious or what.

You know what I just realized? As old a show now that Johnny Carson was, he had a website. When did Johnny retire? 1992? The Internet had 8 websites in 1992. Senior citizens watched him and asked what was that http thing on the bottom of the TV?


Florida Real Estate Community In Jupiter

How did Jupiter get its name anyway? There is a story about a translator who mistakenly took a native name from the Jobe or Hove tribe who lived in the area in the 17th century and anglicized it into “Jupiter.” So, now we have the Planetary city in a subtropical zone with gated communities throughout. A very suburban context that fits the name perhaps more than its meaningless application to a Native American tribe written about in a 17th century traveler’s book.

One of these communities is the homes and estates of Egret Landing.

It’s adjacent to the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 95. Here are 600 homes along thousands of swaying palm trees. You’ll want to acquire the services of a local realtor because inventory is drastically down. Home prices start at $400,000 and top out at $600,000. Sizes range from 1700 ft.² to 3319 ft.².

The community features private facilities including a swimming pool, tennis courts and a clubhouse.

Amenities for homeowners at Egret landing Jupiter


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