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One Hour Show

I’ve been watching Andy Kaufman footage on YouTube. The whole crowd loved it but tonight everyone was booing and hissing. Those people were so rude, he said. They were just so rude. You have a hard time reading Andy even thirty plus years later. Was he serious? Was he pulling a gag on you even as he was being interviewed? The videos carry history to a new generation.

Any way he said he was very tired and not in any mood to fool around and then he went into character asĀ The Foreign Man. He said he loved Pips. Anyway, now video is often used for commercial promotion. Who would have thought in 2006 that YouTube would become a semi pro or even professional venue?

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When this all gets old or when you get older, if you’re fortunate enough to be in San Antonio, you can get assisted living in San Antonio. Premium senior assisted living at its best is in the Franklin Park communities. All of them. For now, I have to make my own music. When I’m a senior, I’ll listen to someone else make music. Anyone who was middle aged in the 70s certainly knows now what aging and senior citizen status is about. Those who were alive but younger will soon understand.

Thank you very much. When there is a wrong to right, Mighty Mouse will join the fight. How old do you have to be to remember that? It was old stuff when I was little. That’s for sure. The danged Internet brings back everything that might have been forgotten and left to vapid entertainment of the 40s.

Well, since we’re rambling on this One Hour Show post, I’ll mention that you can get your car fixed here in this Anaheim car repair shop. He went on Letterman and begged for money. Panhandled right there on the stage. And people gave him money. It was amazing. You never knew if he was serious or half serious or what.

You know what I just realized? As old a show now that Johnny Carson was, he had a website. When did Johnny retire? 1992? The Internet had 8 websites in 1992. Senior citizens watched him and asked what was that http thing on the bottom of the TV?