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Singer Made An Island Resort Nobody Wanted At First

Mr. Singer built a resort on an Island. He thought it was a great idea. He offered to his wife as a present. She didn’t want it so then he gave it to his mistress or was it the other way around? Anyway she didn’t want it either. Nobody wanted that historically significant but presently noxious little sliver of barrier island off the east coast of Florida. It really seems like nothing but a backwater. Sometime later Singer’s son added a Hilton hotel. That seemed to pick up interest and more people started heading to this place as a resort instead of as a place where ships ran aground and broke apart centuries earlier. What was the matter with the captains of those Spanish ships and English merchant ships etc. back in the 16th and 17th centuries? Didn’t they have access to weather forecasts? Didn’t they know how to use GPS? Couldn’t they at least make a cell phone call to the authorities when they got close enough to shore to be in cell range? Evidently not. There’s no record. Not one attempt to make a call to shore over 400 years of naval or marine merchant history. That would be pretty tough because there would be no cell phone coverage until about eight lifetimes later. Even the wealthy Singer family didn’t have a cell phone coverage. The man could travel from Zephyr Hills to Albuquerque real fast or real slow and he would not get one single cell phone signal anywhere. The big technological advancement was his own – the sewing machine or at least one of its iterations.

The entire Upstart Singer Island real estate resort project with two hotels and a golf course in between them was estimated to cost a staggering $4 million. You can buy a pretty decent penthouse condo for that price now. Not the building. One condo.

Now you can shop for them all with prices going all the way up to $8.9 million right here: Singer Island luxury condos in FL

Here’s what they look like in the rearview mirror.

Singer Island condos with a view of the water

Singer Island condos with a view of the water

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